So happy together


We officially tied the knot. I am now a newlywed. I am now… a WIFE! I smile every time anyone calls me Mrs. Luna or when my husband calls me his wife. Getting used to being called someone’s wife and being handed a new last name is the best kind of new and it brings a special feeling, which I cannot describe.

I feel as if we only married this past month, but five wonderful months together has passed us by. I enjoy looking back on all our photos and thinking back on our special day. If I could go back in time to change anything, I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a special guest, who married us and I had a small beautiful gathering of the closest people in my life all by my side. We shared many laughs, happy tears and memorable moments together, which I will always have close to my heart.

Once all the craziness is over, I believe we can really start our adventure together as a married couple and live our lives to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong when I say that. Things have been great with us and we have been taking advantage of some things during these times. While most things have been on pause, our marriage and life together won’t ever be. We’ve been focusing on the positive side of things and been working on projects at home together. Since we’ve been working from home, it has given us extra time to bond and really make plans for when things will be “normal” again.

“What’s it like being married?“ I’ve been asked this question along with other ones by many of my friends, coworkers and family since the moment we said I do. I honestly had no idea how to answer some of their questions. I’m new at this and I’m no professional at being a wife. I will never pretend I can give anyone advice on a married life or predict anything for anyone. However, I do know marriage can be AMAZING, as long as you marry the right person. I’ve already seen what’s worked to get me to a commitment and a love I never thought I’d find. I’ve learned that, when you’re doing things right, starting a life together as a couple can be fun and downright simple. So, far things have been great for the two of us.  We feel happy together. I wake up every morning happy to see my husband by my side and we can talk for hours even if we spend each day together. Being married feels like a dream somehow… It’s spending every day with my best friend and having a sleep over each night. Of course there are responsibilities added to any marriage, but I don’t mind the responsibilities that comes with our marriage because we work together as a team and have good communication with each other. We help each other grow as well as allowing each other grow independently as well. We are very supportive of one another.

Time is up for me on here. I hope everyone is doing well and is keeping safe.

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