The Adventure Challenge

Adrian and I live together, so it’s really easy for me to say that every night is a date night or a sleep over with my best friend. We enjoy each other’s company and never have a dull moment. Often times, people ask if we ever get bored of each other since we’re always together. Truthfully, I doubt this will ever happen because he’s not only my husband, but he is my best friend. Our relationship was built on a long meaningful friendship. We have a lot of the same interests and we have also learned so much from each other over the years. If we aren’t at home playing video games, watching movies or spending time with our family, we are out at sports games, going on road trips and looking for new adventures together.

Speaking of adventures, we have been gifted a book from Since Adrian and I both love doing photo challenges and trying new things, we have been challenged to complete a whole book of challenges. Long Story short: The Adventure Challenge is a book filled with 50 fun and unique adventures for us to try out. The fun part of the challenge is we won’t know any of the activities until we scratch off a box (like a lottery ticket, but instead of losing money, we’ll have fun activities to do). The only rule for this challenge is we have to complete each challenge the same day we reveal the activity.

I’m really excited about what challenges and activities we’ll have to do. We plan to do one Adventure Challenge every Friday starting the first week of February! So stay tuned for that! I’ll either be making videos or taking picture during our adventures and you can count on me to write all about it! I enjoy recording all events in my life, so I can always go back and see all I have accomplished. Every little thing matters!

Places I wander:

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