New adventures ahead

As I opened my eyes to a brand new year, everything in the world seemed to be so different, BUT in a good way. The world felt brand new and fresh. I felt happier and felt more alive. I began noticing things I wouldn’t pay much attention to before and I have surprisingly began new hobbies at home. Hobbies in which I would have never imagined myself ever doing. Perhaps, it’s that time in my life to nurture new ideas, new wishes and new adventures. I’m excited to see what this year holds for not only me, but for everyone.

You’re probably wondering about the photos I have posted here. Right? Well, for the first time in forever, I spent some time outside of my house, planting trees and flowers. I have always been a lover of nature, but I’ve never planted anything in my life. Unless….this counts as something. When I was around 4 years old, I went outside to play on my playground. I heard noises coming from the Garden. So, I curiously walked through the gate to see my grandpa pruning trees and watering the flowers. I decided helping my grandfather with his garden would be more rewarding and fun than playing outside. So, I took pumpkin seeds from a bag where Grandpa had all his seeds. Then I walked to a corner of the Garden and began tossing the seeds in the air. Grandpa smiled at me and didn’t interrupt what I was doing. He kept on gardening and did call me over to help water everything else. As years passed, the only thing that grew from the spot I had planned on growing pumpkins were weeds. So, as you can see I never really planted anything in my life.

I had a really great time outside. My husband went outside to help me plant Hyacinth flowers and Nectarine Trees. It felt great digging my hands into the soil and placing flower bulbs into the pots. I look forward to seeing how things will turn out over the next couple of weeks. I plan on creating a Gardening journal, so I can remember and learn from my gardening experiences. It’s going to be a fun adventure.

Happiness Blooms within

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