The Adventure Challenge: Jack & Rose

What a fun and messy Adventure Challenge I will NEVER again have my face painted! After we finished painting, we went to the bathroom to wash up, we had a difficult time removing the paint. The red paint was the most difficult to remove. My whole face was stained red! I’m actually surprised I didn’t cry because of how frustrated I was with trying to remove all of the paint. LOL! It was horrible! After spending about an hour scrubbing away at our skin, we got most of the paint off. I seriously thought I may have removed several layers of skin in the process haha. Removing the paint near the corners of our eyes was the most difficult. I’m actually laughing right now thinking back on it.

I can still say we had a fun adventure challenge. We had moments of laughter and we smiled through the whole process. When Adrian painted my face, I had my eyes closed 98% of the time. I wanted to take a peek, but the moment I barely opened my eyes, he told me to shut them closed. I thought to myself “Is he going to turn me into a deer?” I had no idea what design he was going with. As soon as he finished painting my face, I quickly ran to see my reflection. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous I looked with the body paint. The design was awesome! I knew right off the bat he painted my face to represent the 49ers. In that moment, I also knew I had to do the same exact design on him. Never mind painting his face to look like Dumbo or paint his face covered in rainbows and flowers. Go 49ers! Thinking about it more now… we probably should have kept the face painting a surprise til the end. I know he would have had a great laugh seeing himself with my design!

To the left (depending if you are viewing this on the computer or not), you will see the Adventure Box I was telling you about in my very first post that explains how The Adventure Challenge Works. I wanted to share what these boxes looked like in case you became curious 🙂 Well, this is the end to my post! Stay tuned for more Adventure Challenges ahead!

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