The Adventure Challenge: The Mad Hatted Poet

My husband and I decided to try The Adventure Challenge in the comfort of our own home. We couldn’t have chosen a better challenge for this beautiful cold day. While my husband made drinks for the two of us, I turned the fireplace on and grabbed blankets for us. We spent the evening in the living room right before heading to bed. The challenge we chose for the day is called, The Mad Hatted Poet.

Just below this paragraph, you will read the instructions for The Mad Hatted Poet. You will noticec that we changed things up a little. Instead of co-writing, we wrote our own poems. After completing the challenge, we read shared our writing out loud. We had a wonderful time together. I hope whoever comes across this post will enjoy our writing.

Each of you write 5 words onto tiny strips of paper, for a total of 10 pieces. These can be any words you want, just don’t tell each other. Put all 10 words into a hat and draw out a total of 5. Now, co-write a song, poem, rap, or short story using the 5 words. Words can be used multiple times, but they must be introduced in the order they were drawn.

REWIND by Elizabeth Luna

If only I could rewind time, so you could see. It was more than just shattered glass dancing at their feet. They always followed with distorted expressions and never bothered to show any sense of decorum. Their words were like daggers that echoed in my thoughts endlessly. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. Somehow they were ubiquitous and were closing in on me. With every beat of my heart I felt the ground shake beneath my feet. As I took my last breath all I could see was a pool of blood beside me. The shadow of the behemoth engulfed my entire being like darkness does the sun. If only I could rewind time, so you could see.

THE TRAVELER by Adrian Luna

Rewind to eras past where the decorum wasn’t as demanding as it is today. Lost in my thoughts as I drift through space and time, ubiquitously popping in and out of reality on a whim of my own cognition. Random dates like the night Abraham Lincoln last visited the theater and when the last Behemoth fell. There is no limit to the knowledge to be had. It is there for the taking. I shall take it, one day at a time.

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