03.09.23 | Smells wonderful

Ever since contracting Covid-19 I haven’t been able to smell as I did before, but from my memories I always believed that Cucumber Melon from Bath & Body Works smelled amazing. It was one of my favorite scents. Then I always loved the scent of Herbal Essence (yes – the shampoo and conditioner). Since I…

03.05.23 | Random

On the way home, I randomly took this photo — from of course the passenger seat! It was a rather cold evening and I enjoyed every moment of it. It rained most of the day and the evening sky gave us beautiful thick clouds, along with an opening to see the moon. It was a…

03.03.23 | Green

One of my favorite things to do as a child was run through leaves. I remember as if it were only yesterday where I’d have “leaf fights” with friends. Every now and again, I leave messages or hearts from the leaves that has fallen, in hopes of making someone smile.

03.02.23 | Round

Turn Your Face Toward The Sun and The Shadows Fall Behind You Walt Whitman It was a beautiful day out for taking pictures. This beatuiful sculpture was built in the heart of San Jose. He’s holding the sun up high. I couldn’t help but smile and think of the quote by Walt Whitman.

03.01.23 Look Up

It’s a tall building, but it’s a beautiful one. I love being surrounded around mountains, trees, animals and water. However, it’s nice driving the long road home, as I never fail look up from my window to see the tall buildings throughout downtown San Jose.