Words to live by

IF SOMEONE IS falling behind in life, you don’t have to remind them. Believe me, they already know. If someone is unhealthy, they know. If someone is struggling in their relationships, with money, with self-image, they know. It’s what consumes their thoughts each day. What you need to do for those who are struggling is not to reprimand, but encourage. Tell them what’s good about their lives, show them the potential that you see. Love them where they are. When we can’t see clearly for ourselves, we need others to speak greatness over us. People don’t need you to tell them what’s wrong with their lives, they already know. They need you to reassure them that they can still make it right.

Brianna Weist

I truly believe in this saying by Brianna Weist. Everyone is so quick to judge and to criticize other people. There is not a single person in this world I who is perfect and has their life altogether from the start. Each individual goes through different phases and stages in life at different times. There’s no race or the perfect way to live our lives. We all have different paths ahead of us and we should always encourage people around us.

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