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So happy together


We officially tied the knot. I am now a newlywed. I am now… a WIFE! I smile every time anyone calls me Mrs. Luna or when my husband calls me his wife. Getting used to being called someone’s wife and being handed a new last name is the best kind of new and it brings a special feeling, which I cannot describe.

I feel as if we only married this past month, but five wonderful months together has passed us by. I enjoy looking back on all our photos and thinking back on our special day. If I could go back in time to change anything, I wouldn’t change a thing. We had a special guest, who married us and I had a small beautiful gathering of the closest people in my life all by my side. We shared many laughs, happy tears and memorable moments together, which I will always have close to my heart.

Once all the craziness is over, I believe we can really start our adventure together as a married couple and live our lives to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong when I say that. Things have been great with us and we have been taking advantage of some things during these times. While most things have been on pause, our marriage and life together won’t ever be. We’ve been focusing on the positive side of things and been working on projects at home together. Since we’ve been working from home, it has given us extra time to bond and really make plans for when things will be “normal” again. There has only been so much we can do during this time. We are looking forward to traveling out of state together and work on starting a family of our own. I had made several visits with my Doctors to discuss having a baby and making sure I am healthy enough to give birth. So, far things are good and I am excited to plan further.

“What’s it like being married?“ I’ve been asked this question along with other ones by many of my friends, coworkers and family since the moment we said I do. I honestly had no idea how to answer some of their questions. I’m new at this and I’m no professional at being a wife. I will never pretend I can give anyone advice on a married life or predict anything for anyone. However, I do know marriage can be AMAZING, as long as you marry the right person. I’ve already seen what’s worked to get me to a commitment and a love I never thought I’d find. I’ve learned that, when you’re doing things right, starting a life together as a couple can be fun and downright simple. So, far things have been great for the two of us.  We feel happy together. I wake up every morning happy to see my husband by my side and we can talk for hours even if we spend each day together. Being married feels like a dream somehow… It’s spending every day with my best friend and having a sleep over each night. Of course there are responsibilities added to any marriage, but I don’t mind the responsibilities that comes with our marriage because we work together as a team and have good communication with each other. We help each other grow as well as allowing each other grow independently as well. We are very supportive of one another.

Time is up for me on here. I hope everyone is doing well and is keeping safe.

Writing again

H E L L O  W O R L D

I’ve been extra motivated going into this year (2020), especially during this past month.  I had some unhappy moments and it somehow motivated me. This hasn’t happened in years! I feel really happy with how things have been progressing in my life. I can almost say I am back to being my old self. For a while I was dealing with a lot of garbage and it has taken me so long to let it go. I have definitely learned a lot over the past couple of years and stepping into the year 2020 I’ve made some healthy changes.

I’m paying closer attention to the people I admire the most and trying to recreate their routines or habits. I’m also focusing more on the present and my future instead of dwelling on the past or on things I have absolute no control over. I have built myself up to a much stronger person and I’m back to loving myself because I can actually be myself once again.

Do you know the saying that goes like ”not everybody is going to love you”? I don’t really believe in it when we say it sometimes because we repeat it non-stop, yet we still care about what other people think of us. I understand that it’s not like you can go “fuck off” with everyone — after all, you kind of build a “reputation” and you want to be seen in a certain way, especially professionally…but in a personal way I think I’ve finally come to terms with it. I’m always going to be the bad guy in someone else’s story, but you know what? I’m okay with it! They do not define me. I know my worth and I know I’m a good person; if I ever did something wrong to anyone and it has been communicated with me directly, I will apologize and change my behavior. I have nothing to feel bad for and I don’t feel guilty for stepping away to take care of myself. I’ve done my best to be a better person and I have helped everyone to my best ability before even helping myself. I am proud of myself for all I have done and for getting through each day. I thank God for giving me the strength I need and for always guiding me through this wonderful journey.

In this new state of motivation, it has led me to writing again and doing many other things I am passionate about. I actually plan on writing a book in the upcoming months, which I am really excited about, especially since I’ll be working on it with someone who is really close to me. It’s a special thing when you can team up with someone on something you love.

Since I’ve been MIA across all of my blogging platforms for the past four years, I would love to make an update on what’s been going on in my life and make some changes on here. Since this little space of mine is mainly for anyone’s eyes (since all posts are made public), I may focus on writing only about specific topics on here, while across other platforms where it is more private, I’ll write more freely and openly with other and all topics. I’ll save the big update for next time. I only wanted to make a quick appearance on here and write about anything that crossed my mind within ten minutes. It may seem I have typed a lot, but I really haven’t said much. Baby steps is the best way!

I hope everyone is doing well and is staying healthy.

As you are

Before we can speak for ourselves, others speaks for us; we are put into boxes and have labels placed upon us. Before we can find our voice, others declare who we are. Our Identity is under attack each day by a world that is constantly telling us who we are or who we should be. If you’re feeling the burden of other people’s opinions, be comforted by the fact the world is wrong. God is the only one who truly knows who you are and can declare it.

Unfortunately, people will talk. They always have and they always will no matter what you do or say. They will talk about your behavior, the way you dress, decisions you make, talk about you with other people behind closed doors and will put you down. In the past, I have been misunderstood and I have allowed people’s words to hurt me, but I have learned over time that other people’s opinions doesn’t define what I am all about. God and myself knows the truth. I feel that’s enough. I know it’s hard to not get hurt when other people make false opinions about you and say hurtful things, but it’s really important to rise above above it all and walk away from the negativity for your own sake. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what other people think of you. As long as you’re doing the right things in this world and you’re happy – that’s what truly matters.

Remember, you are who you are for a reason. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Chase after your dreams and do whats good for you.