Free Will

Free Will

The Persecution of Christians has been going on for over the past 2000 years. The earliest recorded records say it started in Rome.

To me, being a Christian is about living your short precious life in the best way possible. To walk as closely to God as one humanely could. I would never force anything on you and I would never want anything to be forced on me.

Things in history have repeated throughout time because we cannot, as humanity, learn from our mistakes.

My idea of a Christian is someone who doesn’t force anything on anybody. Someone who doesn’t retaliate and someone who doesn’t go for revenge. A Christian is tolerant and accepting of others. There is Zero hate in a Christian heart.

For society to force something on a Christian or anybody for that matter, religious or not, is a shame. Nobody should be forced to do anything they do not want to do. Period.

If James Reimer does not feel comfortable wearing a pride night jersey to warmups, then it’s his choice as to wether or not he wants to wear on his body.

Why should we, society, forcibly make a person wear something that goes against his core values. Are we no better than the republican men who blindly ban abortions no matter the reason?

We shouldn’t forget that the decision to wear or not to wear a certain item belongs to the individual in question and not to those who will do the judging.

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