Goodbye For Now

Describe the last difficult “goodbye” you said. Saying goodbye to close ones is the most hardest thing to do in life. I’ll never be prepared or ready to let someone go. I believe when you love and care for someone, it’s never really goodbye — It’s Goodbye for now and I’ll see you again.

03.01.23 Look Up

It’s a tall building, but it’s a beautiful one. I love being surrounded around mountains, trees, animals and water. However, it’s nice driving the long road home, as I never fail look up from my window to see the tall buildings throughout downtown San Jose.

March | 03.01.23

I’m Marching into this month with excitement and joy. Not only is March my birth month. We’ll be transitioning from Winter to Spring! I’m looking forward to seeing flowers bloom all around us and days where the weather is beautiful enough to have a picnic. I’m wishing everyone a wonderful month ahead!

My word for the year: Healing

heal·ing/ˈhēliNG/ noun 1. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. I am healing. Healing from covid. Healing from trauma. Healing from the past. Healing from ailments. Healing from strife. Healing from everything that has cut me open and left me to bleed out. I am healing mentally. I am healing physically. I….

New Day, New Month, New Year

I’ve been sitting here wondering where the time has gone. As years have passed, I’ve come to realize my Grandpa was right all along – he would tell me time passes more swiftly as you get older. When I was younger, it was hard for me to believe. I remember as a child how most…

Pokémon Go

Here is my Friends Code for anyone looking for friends on Pokémon Go. Everyone is welcome to add me. 🙂 I’m always out and about with family catching Pokémon and doing raids. I also send gifts/postcards daily to friends on the Pokémon Go app. Feel free to invite me to raids! I will more than…

Help them anyway

Through out most of my life, people would view me as the happy go lucky girl. Looking back through time, I can see all the reasons why. In my earlier years I would be hyperactive, lighthearted and full of spirit. I would even do the most silliest things to have everyone laugh and smile. If…

The Adventure Challenge: The Mad Hatted Poet

My husband and I decided to try The Adventure Challenge in the comfort of our own home. We couldn’t have chosen a better challenge for this beautiful cold day. While my husband made drinks for the two of us, I turned the fireplace on and grabbed blankets for us. We spent the evening in the…

Rollo’s Doughnuts

WHERE MY HEART IS Do you have a favorite place you always go to? You know… a place such as getting your favorite doughnut or coffee. Yum Yum Doughnuts has always been one of my go to places. They have been around for as long as I can remember. Every day before school I always…

The Adventure Challenge: Candle Works

We have completed our 3rd Adventure Challenge! These activities have been a lot of fun, so we just had to knock off another challenge from our book. I think it’s fun doing activities that you wouldn’t think of doing. We always come up with fun ideas as we have a lot of interests, but it’s…