Jessie’s Vase

McDonalds sent us a reusable cup, so we could place flowers in it as a special memory of my Grandpa. Every Friday after work, my Grandpa would come home with flowers inside of a McDonalds cup, that were handpicked specially for my grandmother. It was very sweet and thoughtful of him. He did this for years. I can’t ever recall him ever forgetting to bring her flowers. It was his way of showing Grandma he loved her and how she was on his mind, while he was away on business. One day, my Grandpa even surprised my mom with roses inside of a McDonalds cup. It made my heart happy seeing him do this for her. I remember him sitting at the kitchen table for a while as mom had made him breakfast and coffee. Before he left for work, he told my mom “The Vase is mine, please return it when you’re done.” He had us all laughing. I will never forget his sweet gestures and his sense of humor.

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