Movie Night with Liz | Something Borrowed

I am really surprised to see so much hate going towards this movie. Something Borrowed is a really great film to watch. All of the issues that took place in this film, unfortunately happens in the real world. In my opinion, the actors and actresses did a wonderful job to play out their characters roles. I have probably watched this movie about 7 times in the last two weeks because I truly enjoyed watching this film. There were many different moment’s where I couldn’t stop laughing or smiling. Then to top it off, this movie really tugged at my heart, leaving me with so many different emotions towards the end. After seeing negative comments about the film from the critics, I wanted to see if I could understand why so many people were upset. I agree it’s never okay to cheat or have an affair with your best friend’s fiance… BUT it’s also not okay to do what Darcy did to her best friend either. A lot of people dismissed her actions. They were both clearly in the wrong. Perhaps it all boils down to personalities and how you can relate to the characters of the movie. If you have watched this movie before, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the story. It’s always fun to have discussions and learn other points of views!

In case you haven’t watched this movie yet. I’ll share a summary of what the movie is all about from my perspective. Please keep in mind, we all see things differently and we’ll most likely have different understandings. I’ll try my best to not give too much away in case you would like to see this movie for yourself. Now… where to start off? Something Borrowed is a movie that takes place in New York. The film starts off at a upscale restaurant, where Rachel is to meet with her best friend Darcy for her 30th birthday. As Rachel enters the restaurant, Darcy surprises her with a room of Darcy’s friends to wish Rachel a Happy Birthday. At the Birthday Party we meet Darcy’s fiancee named Dex, who happens to be Rachel’s longtime crush from law school. After the party, Dex takes Rachel home after she had one drink too many. The next morning, Rachel wakes up to find Dex beside her. As Darcy calls Rachel’s apartment, you can hear Darcy shouting over the answering machine, saying how Dex never went home. Both Dex and Rachel panicked as they were listening to Darcy’s message. Much happens after this point and Ethan, who happens to be friends with Rachel since they were kids was there to be Rachel’s confidant.

I rooted for Rachel through out the film because I could sympathize with her and relate to her. Rachel was always overshadowed by Darcy and wouldn’t give Rachel the time of day to express her feelings. From what I learned, Darcy always seemed to go after all the guys Rachel had feelings for. Once Rachel began going after what she wanted and deserved, I couldn’t help but be happy for her. I admit there was someone else I would have loved for Rachel to be with, but that’s life and this is the movie goes!

P.S. Starting the first week of February, I plan to start having what I’ll call “Movie Nights With Liz”. Every night on Fridays at 9 P.M. I will make time to watch old or new movies to help unwind before going to bed. If anyone would like to watch along may do so. I plan to share my thoughts/reviews on all of the movies I watch on my blog and on IMDB. If anyone has any recommendations feel free to share some good movies with me.

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