German Pancakes

What is the last thing you learned?

written by Elizabeth Luna and Adrian Luna

I learned that German Pancakes, my favorite breakfast dish did not originate from Germany. They were created in the state of Washington on the west coast of the United States. That in iteself blew my mind. I also learned that they arent just for breakfast. Sure they can be served with powered sugar, honey and fresh fruits, but did you know they can also be served as a savory dish? That’s right, not only can they be sweet, but they can be served with meat and almost turned into an open faced sheperds pie. Food is facinating to me, the endless creations from which two things together make something else. Adding more ingredients to the mix, makes something different again. The discovery in cooking is what excites me, what tastes good, what tastes bad, what to remember to cook again and what to forget. It’s all a learning process and like Doctors, Chefs are not perfect, but they do practice to be better.

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