A letter with love

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Elizabeth Luna

Dear 100-year old self,

Happy Birthday. I am sorry and proud of you for making it this far. As you well know, for most of your life, I wasn’t sure if you would make it, but here you are at 100 years old. That is something to celebrate because you have gone through so much and come such a long way.

I can only imagine what life is like being in a body that is 100 years old. Have you gained as many white hairs as you had once hoped for? While everyone around you has cried or made comments about aging, you were always eager to get older and to embrace the process of aging. Do you remember how you wanted to give your first white hair a name? I believe that life itself is beautiful and it is amazing to see one grow in all of it’s stages.

Have you traveled much? Ever since I was 8, I have always dreamed of traveling to Canada, specifically to visit Prince Edward Island. This dream began after reading my favorite book series written by L.M. Montgomery. I always imagined my life there. I know books are only stories and make believe people and places. They most likely don’t exist in the way it’s described, but I still wonder and dream about it.

As I am writing you this letter, I am in my 30’s and grumphappily married with your high school sweetheart. At this point in time I can say “I’m as fragile as a flower.” I’ve experienced a lot of heartache and trauma throughout my lifetime. However, I have a husband who’s been there for me since my childhood and he keeps watering me so that I don’t wilt away. You also have family who loves you, even if you don’t always see them and they dont show it.

In the eyes of people around me today, some will say I haven’t accomplished much in life. Perhaps, they are right. However, with everything I know now, I’m doing the best I can and that’s all you can ever do for yourself. What I’m about to do with my life in the next couple of years is all for you. I may fail at some things along the way, but I’ll keep going for you. After all you have suffered enough and after all you have done for other people, you too deserve happiness and have a good life.

I love you. I hope you’re happier now than you were before.

With love,

Elizabeth Luna (your 30-something self)

As long as you can smile and laugh, that’s all you need.

Elizabeth Luna

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