Free Will

The Persecution of Christians has been going on for over the past 2000 years. The earliest recorded records say it started in Rome. To me, being a Christian is about living your short precious life in the best way possible. To walk as closely to God as one humanely could. I would never force anything…

Movies & TV series

What movies and TV series have you watched more than 5 times? Elizabeth Luna There are so many movies and television series I have watched over and over. It’s really hard to choose which ones I would like to mention, so I’ll pick my top 4 in both categories.

Anne of Green Gables

Have you ever loved a book so much that it doesn’t feel like a book? Anne of Green Gables does that for me. When you read this book, you’ll be so wrapped up and the reading will be so effortless, that you won’t feel as though you’re reading a book at all. The characters in…

March | 03.01.23

I’m Marching into this month with excitement and joy. Not only is March my birth month. We’ll be transitioning from Winter to Spring! I’m looking forward to seeing flowers bloom all around us and days where the weather is beautiful enough to have a picnic. I’m wishing everyone a wonderful month ahead!

My word for the year: Healing

heal·ing/ˈhēliNG/ noun 1. The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. I am healing. Healing from covid. Healing from trauma. Healing from the past. Healing from ailments. Healing from strife. Healing from everything that has cut me open and left me to bleed out. I am healing mentally. I am healing physically. I….

New Day, New Month, New Year

I’ve been sitting here wondering where the time has gone. As years have passed, I’ve come to realize my Grandpa was right all along – he would tell me time passes more swiftly as you get older. When I was younger, it was hard for me to believe. I remember as a child how most…

Help them anyway

Through out most of my life, people would view me as the happy go lucky girl. Looking back through time, I can see all the reasons why. In my earlier years I would be hyperactive, lighthearted and full of spirit. I would even do the most silliest things to have everyone laugh and smile. If…

The Adventure Challenge: Candle Works

We have completed our 3rd Adventure Challenge! These activities have been a lot of fun, so we just had to knock off another challenge from our book. I think it’s fun doing activities that you wouldn’t think of doing. We always come up with fun ideas as we have a lot of interests, but it’s…

New adventures ahead

As I opened my eyes to a brand new year, everything in the world seemed to be so different, BUT in a good way. The world felt brand new and fresh. I felt happier and felt more alive. I began noticing things I wouldn’t pay much attention to before and I have surprisingly began new…

The Adventure Challenge

Adrian and I live together, so it’s really easy for me to say that every night is a date night or a sleep over with my best friend. We enjoy each other’s company and never have a dull moment. Often times, people ask if we ever get bored of each other since we’re always together….