Movie Night with Liz: My best friend Anne Frank

How many of you watched this movie? Watching this film broke my heart all over again and left me in tears towards the end. It was really devastating to see what these girls and others went through during this time.

In my opinion, it is really difficult to review a film that is based on the Holocaust. The topic is a sensitive one. However, I’ll say there were a couple of things I didn’t like about the movie. For one, the way they portrayed Anne Frank was a little disappointing. They made her into a spoiled and sometimes a mean girl. I was left feeling upset with her character. The last thing I want is to is to feel this way towards her. I know it’s only a film, but it somehow really bothered me. Was Anne Frank really a mean girl or was she annoying at times? I guess we can’t ever really be certain with how Anne Frank or her best friend behaved. Another part of the movie I didn’t like is a line that was put in shortly after Anne Frank passed away. Do you know which part I’m talking about? Perhaps, I may be the only one to have thought something that was said to be insensitive.

Overall My best friend, Anne Frank was well made. I enjoy watching movies that are based in real life. I believe we can learn from our past and through other’s experiences, so events aren’t repeated. If you have yet to watch this movie, I will say it’s worth a watch, since it happens to be based on Anne Frank through the eyes of her best friend, Hannah Goslar. The movie goes back and forth from showing the girls being together to them being in a concentration camp. My heart felt heavy. Please, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions or anything you would like to share.

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