The things in life

What are three objects you couldn’t live without?

Besides not being able to live without things like food, water, or anything else necessary to survive, here are some objects that make life easier and worthwhile:

A. My iPhone — This is my number one means of communication with family, friends, my online journal, my portal to everything in regards to college, my window on that vast jungle of joy we call the Internet, my photograph album, my camera, my video camera, my notebook, and my health apps. My iPhone has also allowed me to watch movies, listen to music and read news articles. I simply don’t want to live without it.

B. My laptop — It’s become another way of me connecting with the outside world. I can message people through various apps and websites. It has also become my workplace for College. I also have to mention how my laptop has been a great source for my entertainment and a way of me getting information.

C. My Camera — This is another important one for me. I use my camera for a ton of my blog posts and a way of capturing special moments. I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera. I am in love with it as it does a perfect job when taking shots on my road trips with family.

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